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Every entrepreneur knows the model:

  1. Conception of idea
  2. Ascertain Market Need
  3. Create a Minimum Viable Product
  4. Gain Investment and….
  5. Mass production

What if I told you that ascertaining market need is a continuous journey, not just one that stops when you have created an MVP…

Thanks to the internet, there is heaps of information available at your potential customer’s fingertips, so they are already quite certain on their purchasing decision before they even add products to their basket. An upcoming sales technique that many companies have adopted is to engage customers before their need for the service in hand arises.

At N&C we recognise that uncovering a customer’s desires is the most important step in coaching them through a sale. We have prepared three of the most impactful questions to incorporate in your sales strategy to discover your customer’s needs to seal the close. 

1)  Uncover the type of customer: How likely are they to change their current purchasing decisions?

We’ve all been there: spending weeks chasing up a lead only for them to curve you and go with an alternative option on the market. 
To avoid this, a company’s sales representatives need to determine whether a customer is either going to: a) change their current purchasing decisions, or b) be open to trying new products and services.

The key thing here is to pick up on the customer’s potential to change, not their potential to buy.
Once you have uncovered this, you can start building a rapport earlier than usual, by targeting customers who are window shopping rather than actually buying.

2) Be incredibly nosy, but with a purpose

The golden rule in all sales strategies is to be overly- interested throughout your customer’s purchasing journey. Start asking specific follow- up questions and listen very, very attentively to the answers.
The rest of the follow-up conversations and rapport will be determined by the answers to the first couple of questions.

The important thing is to try and uncover these answers as organically as possible. Do. Not. Force. Conversation.

3) Find out why you caught their eye in the first place

This is the most underrated question. Once they have closed a deal, most companies would leave it there and consider it a job well done. 
However, to further attract more consumers and enhance the customer experience, you need to work out how your product sparked a curiosity within your consumer. This valuable piece of data will also give a hint to a rough timeline of your audience’s decision making progress, allowing you to be even better at answering question one in this article.

This read has highlighted 3 of the most important sales questions to ask your potential consumers in order for you to hit your sales targets as efficiently as possible.
Make sure to share with your colleagues and fellow salesmen if you feel like this article has uncovered a whole different approach to a consumer’s purchasing journey!

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