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With each passing day, the thought of returning to ‘Business As Usual’ seems like a very distant reality. With numbers of Covid- 19 cases rising rapidly worldwide, it’s safe to say that the Working From Home lifestyle is going to be the new norm.
The upside to this is that a lot of businesses with online content will be thriving over the next couple of months as people spend their time scouring the internet for new forms of entertainment. 

However, a lot of people have been struggling to adjust to this whole lifestyle change (us included) which is why here at N&C we have compiled a 5- point list to make working remotely easier…

1) It’s all about the routine

Working From Home in your pyjamas is cute and all but after day two, it starts to feel real sloppy.
Ideally, you should start everyday like you would any normal day: wake up and get dressed, maybe even exercise a little. Of course there will be minor adjustments, like not needing to get dressed up in a full suit and tie uniform, allow yourself some leeway for comfy casual attire.

As human beings, we are creatures of habit, having a routine gives us structure and purpose, allowing us to be more efficient. Whether it be attacking your workload with the hardest tasks first, or breaking it down into bite- sized pieces, find what structure works best for you and stick to it.

2) Maintain a team atmosphere by remaining visible

After a few days, working remotely begins to feel like an isolating task with some even experiencing feelings of intense loneliness. A way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to find a way to feel visible even when you aren’t directly communicating with your colleagues.
You can use apps like Zoom and Slack to keep in constant communication with both work- related and social topics.

A good idea is to keep a live Zoom room open during working hours so you can see your colleagues working. This maintains the ‘office-like’ atmosphere with the added bonus of being able to reach out to your team for advice without the pesky back- and- forth chain emailing.

3) Keep a clean and productive workstation

Don’t. Work. From. Your. Bed.

We cannot stress how important it is to create a decent office set- up at home to stop distractions hindering your progress prematurely.
If you are someone who is used to changing environments, investing in a comfy bean bag chair, or stand- up desk, would be a good idea for days where you are doing more simpler tasks like answering some standard emails.

4)  Structure larger meetings more appropriately

Organising weekly team meetings can be a difficult task if you have a squad of 10 people or more; ensuring everyone’s opinions are listened to is essential.  To prevent multiple side-conversations in a 10+ man team occurring, the best thing to do is assign a facilitator to mediate the conversation.

A facilitator has two tasks: i) To make everybody feel listened to ii) Keep an eye out for side conversations so you can promote a ‘sharing- culture’.

5) Keep morale high as a team Manager

With Working From Home culture looking to be the new norm over the next couple of weeks, it’s important to establish a new way to keep the team culture alive and kicking. Here are a couple of ways to keep your colleagues feeling virtually included: 

  • Encourage a thriving health and well- being culture by sending flowers/ care packages to employees who are sick or are going through a tough time, whilst encouraging them from stepping back from work by silencing notifications.
  • Celebrate large life milestones virtually such as birthdays, baby showers and wedding announcements.
  • Every couple of weeks or so schedule a virtual team lunch and offer to expense food that the team can order to their homes via UberEats or Deliveroo etc.

We appreciate how the challenging times that the world is going through right now is taking a toll on workplace culture, as well as the morale of your employees in general.

Hopefully you have found this article to shed some light on how to make working remotely more structured and cohesive for your team. N&C wish a most productive and healthy Work From Home period to all our readers.

Please do let us know if you have found this article useful and would like to see similar content in the comments section below!

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