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A killer Email subject line that will get you noticed … 10 Top tips below

Email subject line – ‘is it that important?’ I hear you ask. The answer is, quite simply, yes. First impressions count. Your email lands in your potential client’s inbox and the subject line is the first line of text their eyes will gaze over; make it killer and they will want to know more; bore them and sadly you face the trash can. We cannot stress the importance of a good subject line and sadly many businesses underestimate the need. They wonder why their emails do not attract enough click throughs and why so many mail shots get hit with the unsubscribe button. But fear not, we’ve listed our top ten tips below:

So let’s begin …

1. Get personal

By this we mean make it personal, direct it towards the reader, by doing this it resonates better with the recipient making them more likely to open your email. You can make it more personal by adding the recipients name within subject line ‘ Good Morning Luke, we’ve got the perfect offer for you!’ Another great way of making it personal is avoid using ‘noreply@’ email addresses, by using a impersonal email address you risk the reader not being able to relate or make a connection with your business.

2. Urgency needs to be at the forefront of your email

The fear of missing out, better know as FOMO, is a real emotion, one that all of us humans have and cannot shake. It’s part of what makes us the fantastic beings we are. People hate being left out or missing out on something so using such sentences as ‘Limited time only’ or ‘Do not miss out’ creates a sense of urgency and stirs up intrigue. Let’s face it, you are more inclined to click open on that email, after all, what could you be missing out on …? Creating such urgency makes the reader, your customer, take action and this is exactly what we want from our killer subject line.

3. Captivate with questions

Using a question in the subject line gets the reader thinking, it immediately engages them with your email and once they feel part of something, they are more inclined to go further and open email. Questions like ‘Is your branding working for you?’ or ‘Are your Insta posts getting scrolled past?’ – Grab the reader just by making the subject line a question.

4. Get lyrical, perhaps with a song

Using a song lyric in your subject line immediately gets the reader involved, it spurs up emotion and fun; they’ll even begin singing that song in their head which means you have made impact, you are the reason they are singing that Elton John number all day or humming the tune to that

cheesy Backstreet boys number. Studies also show that it increases open rate by 10% – so brighten someone’s day with a funky beat and get your email read!

5. Sometimes short & sweet is the way

Keeping things simple, short and to the point work well; it’s clear, quick to engage with and won’t lose the reader’s attention. This is also important as 67% of emails are now opened by our smartphones- modern day tech has made email reading easier, so we need as the sender make that visually easy as well.

6. Go informal to create a friendship

Taking the informal approach with your subject line works well in the case of emails. This is simply because the reader feels at ease, they feel as if they know you, so by making them feel comfortable, they are more likely to read on.

7. Get Punny…

Ok, we know Puns can be a whole ball of cheese, but with subject lines, it catches the reader’s attention. They find humour within it which creates a happy feeling and by making them happy, they will want to know more.

8. Keep your fingers off the CAPS lock

Caps lock is the dreaded button which can turn an enjoyable email into a SHOUTY one; it comes across as bossy and moody and that’s not the tone we want to create for our emails. A recent study by Radicati Group showed that 85% of email recipients prefer lower case subject lines. After all, us complicated beings do not like being told what to do- we like control, so do not get bossy with capitals letters.

9.Set your Alarm

Timing is key with emails, for example, if you wish to promote a dinner special at your restaurant, you need to get that email in front of the readers eyes when they are most likely to be planning dinner or having tummy rumbles, so aim for 5.00 pm. So dependent on your business and offer, you need to make sure the time is correct, do not waste an email or planned subject line just because of wrong timings.

10. Give your readers an ego boost

A great subject line such as ‘Mark, we want to make you smile’ or ‘Denise, we have a big bonus for you’ makes the reader feel special, its personal and as if you have only contact them. If you feed their ego a little and send them some virtual love, they are more inclined to read on, after

all, we all like feeling special.

We hope from our top ten tips you will find a subject line which helps you, do not forget the importance of a killer subject line. Keep your fingers off the caps lock and keep Spotify handy for some song inspiration. Happy emailing people!

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