Ambassadors of Network & Chill

Carina Lepore

Founder of Dough


2019 Apprentice winner and Lord Sugars £250,000 business partner Carina Lepore is the founder of Dough Artisan Bakehouse, an independent family run business in the heart of Herne Hill, London. At 5 foot 1 she’s is a bit of a “pocket rocket” but she warns that she’s not one to be messed with.

William Sachiti


A serial entrepreneur with 13 years experience in building and selling tech start-ups. William has exited his last three companies: the latest, MyCityVenue, was acquired by Secret Escapes in 2015 after which he went to study artificial intelligence and robotics. While at university, William was credited with created the worlds first Artificially intelligent robot librarian. 

Paasha Ahmed


Paasha’s passion for contributing to entrepreneurial ventures began during her time as the Vice-President/ Marketing Director for the Nottingham Entrepreneurs at the University of Nottingham, and she has been hooked ever since.
As a writer she likes to share content that she personally has found useful at the beginning of her career journey with the aim that her readers can leverage the same knowledge in the same way.

Rupesh Thomas

Founder of Tuk Tuk Chai

We are Tuk Tuk Chai, the bold new drink that dares to be different. With a taste for adventure and a passion for cultural fusion, we’re breaking into the tea game in style with our spicy take on your everyday cuppa. Rupesh is a successful Dragon’s Den entrepreneur winning but rejecting an investment offer from tycoon Peter Jones.

Mickey Wilson


Originally the founding partner of an agency that created brands and campaigns for the likes of Tesco, Samsung and CIMA, Mickey found that smaller businesses fuelled by passion, determination and courage fire her up the most! Firestarter was launched to create engaging, authentic and highly differentiated brands for driven entrepreneurs who are on a serious mission to scale their businesses. 

Charlie Regis

Founder of Styliff Tech

With a taste for the entrepreneurial game Charlie runs an innovative app studio called Styliff Tech. They build premium apps for Fortune 500 companies such as Lidl and RGA alongside some of the most exciting startups in the world. Charlie is a global mentor for some of the most reputable accelerators on the planet such as The Founders Institute Silicon Valley in collaboration with NASA and Techstars UK.

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