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I’m tired. Tired of people thinking short-cuts are as good as the real thing. Feeling like I always have to cut corners to get enough done in the day.

Whether it be using email templates, copy and pasting promotional messages or even meal-prepping. I really don’t want to prep all of my meals on a Sunday night but for the sake of productivity I end up doing it :/

In this new world obsessed with efficiency, I believe that in some practises technology can be used to help us streamline our working days. I have recently discovered that technology has helped to reignite a passion that I have abandoned in the past couple of years: reading.
For years, I refuted the very idea of using anything else than a good old paperback book; I just knew nothing else could possibly be the same.

 That was until I was about to go on a 3 week holiday to the Middle East. There was no way I could carry everything I wanted to read in that 20kg luggage allowance. So low and behold, I folded and bought a Kindle.

So what’s the verdict? Ok, in terms of convenience a Kindle is undoubtedly much easier to carry around and you have access to 1000s of books at your fingertips. In terms of price? Apart from the semi- expensive initial gadget investment, Kindle books are marked on average 20% cheaper than paperback books and you’re technically helping the environment going paperless.

Now let’s move on to reviewing the heavily acclaimed cousin of the Kindle, audiobooks. Since falling in love with listening to podcasts, I thought I should try my hand at Audible. Especially as they have a 30- day free trial which turns into a cancel-anytime £7.99 monthly subscription.

One thing to note is that a subscription only gives you 1 credit per month, so you can only read one book of your leisure at a time, unless you buy more credits. On the flip side, the one thing I rate about their service is the fact that you can exchange an audiobook if you’re not fully entertained by it, so in a way it’s like picking up a book from the shelf and returning it if it doesn’t grab your attention.

It’s worth mentioning though that human nature dictates that about 10 to 15% of our eye movements during reading is spent re-reading words. This happens almost out of habit and helps us ingrain and memorise the text on each page.
With an audiobook you can definitely scroll back to re-listen to a paragraph, but the downside is that you’ll rarely be able to pinpoint exactly where you misheard something the very first time you do it. It’s almost as annoying as trying to scroll back to find your favourite part of a song (unless you have the minute time written down somewhere). 

Another thing to consider is the type of audiobooks you are going to be listening to. Chances are, if you’re studying for a test, Audible might not be the best choice to help you retain information. Generally, the rule of thumb is that reading kind of forces you to focus on one thing at a time- that piece of text you’re trying to memorise. With audial learning it’s far too easy to get wrapped up in multi-tasking. Next thing you know you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed and sharing the latest Love Island meme to your group chat.

The Network & Chill ruling………

Due to the following reasons: 

  1. I spend most of my free time during the week commuting
  2. I have hardly any shelf storage space
  3. I’m not studying anymore/ I don’t need to aggressively memorise anything in the near future
  4. Global warming
  5. Free trial + cheap(ish) monthly subscription

I have declared audiobooks to be the winning champion and my platform of choice for helping explore and learn new concepts post ‘by-the-book’ education.

If you feel as though this article has persuaded you enough to try out audiobooks, you can head to Audible for your 30 day free trial. I hear they also have regular sales going on with up to 80% off selected audiobooks this month.

Go on, treat yourself, you know you want to.

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