Each year, 100 billion single use coffee cups end up as landfill

But there is a solution that costs you less and is better for the environment!

Join our Charity Project

Network & Chill would love for you to join us on our environmental project by using our stylish re-useable e-coffee cups, made with natural bamboo fibre, one of the world’s most sustainable resources.

Make a real impact

Our project won’t only impact the environment, we want to go one step further and give back to two chosen charities.

We have realised that in the time it takes you to read this page, £3,393 will be spent on cancer research, and £288 on dementia, but only £23 will go to autism research.

For this reason, 20% of the profits made from the e-coffee project will be donated to both Autistica & Barnardo’s

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Once purchased, stay involved in the project by posting your E-Coffee cup and tagging us using:

#networkandchillclub #togetherwearebetter #networkandchillgiveback

The Network & Chill team are made up of successful business owners who have come together with diverse experience and skill sets across several industries to create this exclusive concept.

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