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The Event

The Entrepreneur

We dedicate our time vetting membership and syncing the right people with one another by utilising coloured name cards so networking is maximimised to the fullest.


Inspire or be inspired by witnessing innovation of the future through start-up pitches, and from industry veterans sharing their experiences so that you may empower yours.

The Relaxed Environment

Our networking events are grand and incomparable to your typical event in London. Be a part of our diverse and dynamic community through live music, drinks and entertainment.

Our Upcoming Event

We’re carefully planning our next event and we promise it’s going to be twice as big and ten times the networking opportunities!

Our Previous Network & Chill Event


The Quality

We spend months planning our event to ensure high quality talks, people and content, all within the ideal environment.

We Listen

We value the feedback of the community and since our last survey, we've averaged 4.7/5 stars on our most recent event.


Don't miss the next event

We’ve booked the location, and now we’re meticulously putting together an iternary that will make this the most effective and memorable networking event yet!  Start off your 2019 with a bang by signing up with us below!

The Network & Chill team are made up of successful business owners who have come together with diverse experience and skill sets across several industries to create this exclusive concept.

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