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Day 23601 of quarantine……How’s everyone hanging in there?

It seems like nowadays Covid-19 has put everyone’s plans on hold, and staying that way for some time now. This extends to marketing campaigns, business events and recruitment choices.
All focus has been placed on online content to help keep customers informed and up-to-date on industry trends.

The crisis has a lot of marketing analysts thinking about how to cater to their wider audiences without being too sales-y. How can they really provide value and help the wider community?

At Network and Chill we realise the effect the pandemic has had on content creators and thought it would be an excellent idea to curate a content marketing cheat sheet to show you how to pivot your content strategy around times of unwavering uncertainty. Without further ado, here are 4 ways to make sure your business continues to make a valuable impact on your consumers:

1) Focus on Increasing Engagement

With a lot more people people logging on throughout the working week, audiences’ appetite for fresh content has been at an all time high. 
Email open rates, website traffic and webinar sessions have been on an increase.

With audience attention on the rise, it’s incredibly important for marketers to take advantage of the extra exposure and to deliver messages that are not only relevant, but have an impact. Focus on creating conversation, instead of just plainly relaying information to your consumers

A way to do this is to ramp up your email content by introducing crisis- relevant newsletters with a comment section below, or to introduce online webinars to have a more personalised approach to your marketing strategy.

2) Creating new content during the pandemic

In times of crisis, it is incredibly important that your content is focused around sincerity. You shouldn’t come off as too opportunistic or adding to the dozens of spam emails your customers will be receiving about the pandemic.

When it comes to customer sentiment, Edelman reports that 85% of consumers expect companies to use their influence to spread the message of the pandemic and how we can stay safe in these times. Your business can achieve this by writing informative article or inviting guest bloggers onto your social media pages to comfort your audience.

On the other hand, many companies aren’t directly targeting their content to address Covid-19, but are releasing alternatives to distract their audience from the pandemic spam that is filling their timelines. For example, a lot of podcasts and online newspapers have been ramping up their new releases to not only keep people up- to date, but also to provide a source of much- needed entertainment amongst bleak times.

3) Choose your platforms appropriately 

With technology rapidly evolving to keep up with the latest trends, we now have a range of apps to post our content on. However, just because we have the option to post on every social media platform out there, this doesn’t necessarily mean we should.

If a platform doesn’t align with your brand identity, then it would make sense to steer clear of it. For example, with a multitude of companies adopting TikTok in their marketing strategies, it doesn’t mean you should. Think about it, have you seen a Rolex- sponsored TikTok video….?
Furthermore, if you have a single platform on which you consistently post, don’t then post the same content on all platforms as you might spam your audience which in turn results in an unfollow, or an unsubscribe.

Instead, you should have different strategies for different channels. You should only use the more personalised platforms and features, ie emails and push notifications, for important updates during the crisis and use the others, ie Instagram and Facebook, for the rest of your distribution.

4) Reduce the number of ads you have on your channels

In times of uncertainty and panic, the last thing that you want is for your consumers to lose trust in your company.

With the rise of online traffic to your platforms these past couple of months, it’s important that you use this opportunity to deepen the relationship between you and your audience. Be the source of support that they need by providing more informational content for them, or simply post to keep their mind off of the situation surrounding them.

One thing that is absolutely essential in maintaining an air of sincerity is to rapidly decrease the amount of advertisements your audience will be faced with. As tempting as it is to ramp up your Adwords campaign with all these extra eyes, be wary as it won’t go unnoticed by your consumers.

Focus on providing value at the heart of all that you post; it is especially important, now more than ever, to differentiate yourself from all the other generic brands taking advantage of more screen time.

We hope that this article has provided you with some more bright ideas as to how to gear your content strategy during the pandemic and that it truly provides your audience with better value for their time.

Happy content creating!!

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