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Network & Disrupt is our travelling community; an opportunity to travel with the Network & Disrupt community alongside other entrepreneurs, professionals and investors to ensure you are fully acquainted before our arrival!

The Network and Chill team will take care of ensuring everyone travels together, has a chance to meet up beforehand as well as between and after events. What better way to build your circle of success? 

Who can join?

Well, if you are passionate about travelling to events such as Disrupt, Slush, CES, Unbound and more, this is the perfect community for you! Why go alone when you can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and expand your network? Checkout where our next trip is… 

Once you have purchased your discounted ticket (!), join our Telegram group chat to introduce yourself. Once you fill out the contact form below, a member of the NC team will be in contact asap.

Remember, your network is your net-worth, so join our community to increase your business as well as your securing for yourself a truly enjoyable experience!

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The Network & Chill team are made up of successful business owners who have come together with diverse experience and skill sets across several industries to create this exclusive concept.

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