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Our packages scale as you do! Find the perfect price for your needs or contact us for a bespoke quote.

Pitch Helper

A service that helps entrepreneurs and start-ups to create world class presentations and documents effectively. In order to generate success, others have to buy in to your brand; your design is a big part of that.

Each of our bespoke packages have been carefully designed to cater to your specific professional needs.

Why use Pitch Helper?

Ultimately, PitchHelper will help to ensure that your presentation material is of the highest quality.

Our incredible team of digital specialists are on hand to give your design the best chance at standing out in an overcrowded market.

Whether you are an established entrepeneur or an upcoming start-up, we’ve got you covered. We want to help you become unforgettable to your clients and investors- a pitch with an edge. In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

Putting together presentations and deciding on the perfect design can often be time consuming. We want to help relieve that pressure, allowing you to focus on the specifics of the pitch.

Our bespoke packages are designed to cover a wide range of business needs; if you can’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact the team and we will do our best to accommodate for you.


£ 399
  • Clean and tidy investment deck
  • Type hierarchy
  • Uniformed document
  • Clear space consideration
  • 1 round of amends
  • Up to 12 slides


£ 899
  • All of Bootstrap plus
  • Fully designed investment deck
  • One page investment overview
  • Custom designs, icons, graphics
  • 2 rounds of amends
  • Up to 15 slides
Best Value

First Round

£ 1,799
  • All of Seed plus
  • Consultation / strategy call
  • Dedicated design director
  • Content and story refinement
  • Up to 5 rounds of amends
  • Up to 25 slides


  • All of First Round plus
  • UI mock-up design
  • Branding & guidelines
  • Sales & board decks
  • Infographic / architecture designs
  • Proofreading / translation service

Pitch Helper for Non-Profits

If your company is registered non-profit, you can receive 25% off the above prices.

Pitch Helper for Education

If your company is related to education, you could receive 15% off the above prices.

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The Network & Chill team are made up of successful business owners who have come together with diverse experience and skill sets across several industries to create this exclusive concept.

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