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If you are a new and upcoming company with products and services to sell, chances are email marketing are part of your sales strategy.

They can be incredibly powerful for outbound lead generation, but it’s no secret that the vast majority of them either get flagged as spam, or outright ignored- and I don’t know which one is worse.
Here at N&C we believe that email marketing is well and truly still alive and kicking so we have gone ahead and dissected the anatomy of a fail-proof marketing email to grab the attention of all your audience members:

1) A sexy subject line which could almost be labelled as click-bait

What’s the first thing that would automatically catch your eye as you’re scrolling through your inbox 9am on a Monday morning? That’s right, the subject header of your email. Chances are that your email is 1 out of a 100 in your customer’s inbox, which is why it is incredibly important to find a way to stand out against all the others.

We have found that the most effective headers have been the ones which incorporate relevant emojis, as well as keeping the subject line short and snappy. Try and describe the value you are about to offer to your readers in 5 words or less without using bait SPAM words.

2) Be unapologetically brash with your branding

Your email should make your audience feel safe enough for them to open without feeling like they are about to download a computer-threatening virus…
One of the best ways to do this is by incorporating a large brand logo at the top of your email and by sticking with company colours.

3) Drop the bots and use a real human’s email address

Make sure that your email communication is to and from email addresses with a name in them. Avoid sending from an ‘info@’ email address as this little detail decreases authenticity hugely.

4) Context. Context. Context.

Most people don’t like to be yelled at first thing in the morning. Opening an email with jarring text highlighted in bold, without any prior context, evokes a feeling similar to being shouted at for no apparent reason.
Be gentle with your reader and create some kind of narrative and remind them why they subscribed to your mailing list in the first place. A key tip is to include an industry insight in the very first line ie a key statistic.

5) Include a pronounced and clear Call-to-Action

Why is your customer reading your email again? Your audience most probably checks their inboxes in 2 places: in their bed first thing in the morning or on the train on their way to work. 

Either way, their focus isn’t inherently sharp at the time they have opened your email and it is very important that you highlight the purpose of your email as soon as possible. What does the reader have to do next to access that exclusive, limited-time only offer?
A useful trick that we have learnt is to create a sense of urgency by including a date for when they need to complete a certain action by.

6) Always include social media follow buttons/ links

If you are keeping your email as short as possible you’re obviously not going to include everything that you want to say about your brand. 
This is where the power of social media can help you. Always include links to your other social media platforms at the beginning/ end of your email so that your audience can keep up to date with your company’s growth and product releases.
This is also another way where you can grow your social media pages passively.

7) Pop in a cheeky little up-sell via additional product-based offers

So you’ve done it. You have caught the attention of about 5 of the 100s of people on your email list, and they’re itching for more. This is where you grab the opportunity to, again, underpromise and overdeliver. Provide a free trial on one of your products with an automatic subscription at the end of it or a free personal consultation.

8) Be easy on the eyes and include a nice picture

Include an image to break down the email text to keep your reader engaged. Try to keep the picture relevant to your brand ie company events, products, team members. If you’re playing it really clever, attach a link to your services in the picture so they end up clicking on your page, even if by accident!

9) Reassure and protect your audience

With data breaches being the most common concern amongst users, it’s now up to companies to go above and beyond to reassure their customers that their data is in safe hands. 
Give your subscribers a sense of ease by including a little link to your company’s privacy policy in your email.

10) Give your readers an option to opt-out of your mailing list and include an unsubscribe link

Have you ever been emailed several times in a row by the same company and ended up getting really annoyed by the thought of another email from them?
Don’t be that guy and include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every marketing email you send out so you reader has the option to opt-out of your mailing list.

There you have it folks! We have shown you the 10 most important parts of the body of a marketing email. Have a stab at re-vamping your next outbound outreach and let us know how your response rate changes in the comment sections below.

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