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With everyone’s screen-time increasing by about 300% this quarantine, it has become even more important for your content streaming to be on beast mode.

However, even with the best content in the world, where you post makes all the difference between quality over quantity. There are a variety of factors you need to take into account when deciding whether to use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, with your audience taking centre stage.

In this article we will compare and contrast the different social media platforms against each other to better understand how your business’s content can best thrive.


Twitter is used as a quick, almost news- like, idea sharing tool where people connect with others to speak about trending news and popular culture.

In 140 characters or less this app can be used to shout out your message to the entire world.


Widely different, Facebook allows more of an intimate experience with the platform being used to connect people with their friends and family in a no-filter type of way.


Arguably the most controversial platform, Instagram is coined as the “highlight reel” of social media, allowing users to share their prized photos and videos to their followers. 
The birth-place of Influencer phenomena, this is where people mostly come to display the more glamorous aspects of their lives.

Let’s look at the statistics

  • Facebook has a larger audience of various age ranges- 65% of Americans ages 50+ use Facebook whilst an amazing 80%> of 18-29 year olds also use the platform
  •  40% Twitter’s audience is between the ages of 18-29, with less than 20% comprising of people aged 50+
  • Instagram’s primary audiences is largely between the ages of 18-24, around 75% to be exact

Twitter Vs Facebook Vs Instagram Engagement

When looking at how these platforms fit in with your business’ content, it’s important to analyse how long your audience will potentially stay on their platform of choice.

From a quick Google search, we have found some engagement analytics which could be surprising for you:

  • 46% of Twitter users are on the platform every day, with 74% of users saying they use Twitter to get their daily dose of headlines
  • For every 1 million Facebook followers a page has, a typical post can receive 700 likes, comments and shares
  • Contrastingly, for every one million followers a Twitter account has, brands expect around 300 interactions per Tweet
  • Facebook users report checking their Facebook on average 8 times per day, compared to a lower figure of 6 for Instagram and even lower for Twitter: 5
  • When looking at Instagram’s engagement analytics, it might be surprising to hear that accounts with fewer followers receive more engagement than those with a higher number of followers
    • Accounts with 1000-5000 followers have a 5% engagement rate, whilst those with 1 million + followers average a much lower engagement rate of 1.97%

So what does this all mean?

Twitter’s 140- characters or less policy can translate to a very fast- paced content streaming environment. It can be difficult to gain a lot of traction from a single Tweet. 
On the other hand, for longer, more- intimate engagement, Facebook is the go- to platform of choice.
(Unsurprisingly), Instagram reigns supreme for engagement culture as there is a whole interactive community. Users choose Instagram as the go-to platform to follow influencers they connect with and brands they use in their daily lives.

How do paid Ads perform in each platform?

As Facebook owns Instagram, the advertising on both platforms follow a very similar structure. In general, both platforms allow you to reach a larger audience.
Facebook ads come with tools which allow you to hone in on certain niches ie the platform allows you to narrow down salary, hobbies and purchasing behaviour.

Twitter also offers targeting tools such as: purchasing behaviour, language, interest and followers.
However, Facebook is seen as the cheaper alternative with campaign budgets starting at as little as $2/3 a day.

With so much statistical information to collect user data from, it is worth trialling out your content on each platform and honing in on the one which yields better results for your brand.
Analytics continue to give better insights the longer your experiments last, hence it’s always worth spending time determining which platform is best for you.

Hopefully this article has given you more of an insight as to how different demographics utilise each of the social media platforms and will help you choose with one will give you the best ROI for your content.

Happy creating!

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